Transition Green Bonds

We must identify technology, training, and processes .that reduce emissions

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  • Legal compliance

Implementation of monitoring must be from start to finish.



It is important you only use Financial Advisers regulated by the F.C.A.


Transition Green Bonds

require a continuous form of

assesing the participants

Transition Green Bonds monitors Key Performance Indicators at 3-week intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.


“Transition Green Bonds



Transition Green Bonds 

Transition Green Bonds will help many high emitting industries

Whilst allowing high emitting industries to enter this part of financing is really good the paticipants must be encouraged it is they way forward and must be followed specifically to give confidence to the investment community to remain as investors for

the considerable future that the high emitting industries require till technology helps reduce emissions sufficiently.


Transition Green Bonds is being considered as a new financial way for high emitting industries to tap into markets  that they have previously avoided.

Fears of being labelled as greenwashing is  their biggest problem.

The way to counter this is to  set paramiters and time limits for the improvements to take place.

Monitoring the improvement is the key to the success of an industry participant to remain in the market of transition green bonds. If it is found that they have not achieved the set targets or even tried, admission to another funding of transition green bonds.

Transitioning to Green Bonds for high emmiting participants along the path required